A Heart Rooted in Foster Care

If you have had a chance to look around my new online home, then by now you know I am offering sessions that document adoptions. This has been a dream of mine since my family first began fostering, but with being in college, it simply was not possible. With more time to dedicate to this project, I am so eager and excited for all of the possibility that it holds.

While I have been offering sessions to families adopting the children we foster, it is going to be so amazing opening this up to the public. When brainstorming about the project, I was first trying to decide on a name. I wanted it to be reflective of adoption as a whole because truly we are involved in every aspect of the process. We are very much aware of the selflessness of the birth parents and the heartache that their decision can bring them, even though they are choosing what they believe is to be best for their child. We also know the heartache in adoptive parents who have been waiting years, feeling as though they never will be matched with a child. Despite this, we also see the joy. When the adoption is finalized, parents meeting their child for their first time is still to this day one of the most beautiful moments I have ever been apart of (cue tears behind my camera). When thinking about all of these moments, the one thing that stuck with me is every night before the babies go to meet their parents, my mom would always talk to them when putting them into their pajamas after giving them one last bath in our home. She still to this day always tells them, “Tomorrow you get to meet your forever and they are going to love you so much”. In a lot of ways, this is a comfort for us because saying goodbye is still hard and our house will feel empty in the days to come. But on the other hand, there is so much truth in her statement. A family is getting their biggest blessing and a sweet, deserving baby is getting a family that will love he or she unconditionally, forever.

With that name and the meaning behind it at the forefront of my mind throughout these sessions, I will never forget what a privilege it is to be able to capture such intimate and special moments. I am truly so excited and cannot wait to see so many incredible stories unfold in front of my lens!

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